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BoXS—Bonn Experiment System

The Bonn Experiment System is a software system designed to enable you to create and conduct experiments for laboratory environments as well as internet experiments. Its focus is on flexibility and ease of use.

Citation and Discussion Paper

The BoXS was developed by Mirko Seithe and is made available to researchers by the Laboratory for Experimental Economics at the University of Bonn—BonnEconLab.

If you use the BoXS, you must cite it in your publication as: 

Mirko Seithe (2012): “Introducing the Bonn Experiment System (BoXS),” Bonn Econ Discussion Paper No. 01/2012. [PDF file]

or as

Mirko Seithe, Jeronim Morina, and Andreas Glöckner (2016): “Bonn eXperimental System (BoXS): An open-source platform for interactive experiments in psychology and economics,” Behavior Research Methods, Volume 48, Issue 4, pp. 1454–1475. DOI: 10.3758/s13428-015-0660-6.

Please also see Chapter 4 in Mirko Seithe’s dissertation.

Additional Documentation


The Bonn Experiment System is hereby released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Basically, you are free to download the original source code, expand and modify it to your contempt as long as you mention Mirko Seithe as the original author and do not charge money for the use of the software. Please only proceed if you agree with these conditions.


Please only download the source code if you are in agreement with the GPL license.

Download the complete archive.


Please join the official Google Group/mailing list. After joining you will be notified about all changes and updates to the BoXS. You can also participate in the discussion and send questions as well as requests to the list by sending e-mails. Please feel free to send

  • bug reports (if possible, including the program causing the bug as well as information on how to reproduce the problem);
  • feature requests (for example experiment designs you have in mind);
  • all kinds of questions and documentation requests.
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