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Laboratory for Experimental Economics

Falk_SeltenThe Laboratory for Experimental Economics at the University of Bonn—BonnEconLab was founded in 1984 by Nobel Laureate Reinhard Selten (1930–2016). BonnEconLab, the oldest institution of its kind in Europe, has a very lively and successful history.

Prof. Armin Falk is the Director of BonnEconLab.

The BonnEconLab is a central service unit of the Department of Economics. Many researchers of the Department of Economics as well as students of the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) conduct their experiments at the BonnEconLab. The BonnEconLab thereby plays an important role in the department’s research activities, and it contributes considerably to the education of the BGSE Ph.D. students as well as the department’s bachelor and master students.

The BonnEconLab is at the center of innovative research in experimental economics, as is documented by publications in top international journals and by considerable research funding (e.g., grants by the DFG and the EU). The research performed at BonnEconLab covers a wide range of topics, including  auctions and markets  bargaining  labor and health economics  fairness and reciprocity  team decision making  cross-cultural and intercultural experiments, and  neuroeconomics.

At this point we would like to thank the German Science Foundation (DFG), the European Union, and the University of Bonn for their continuous support. Without their sponsorship, many important projects would not have been realized.


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